Is leveling taking you forever?

Are you always out of gold?

Not sure what the best talent builds for leveling, raiding and PVP are?

Looking for better Arena tactics?

"ALL World of Warcraft Secrets Revealed...Master every single class . Get your alts to level cap sooner than you expect and make more in-game gold than ever before!!!"

Sunday, March 17, 2019
I have teamed up with professional gamers, guild leaders, community moderators and skilled writers to do the research for you and create a collection of proven strategies that have been thoroughly tested and converted into easy to follow instructions and guidelines.

Don't waste endless hours searching the internet and playtesting.

No longer will you have to search hundreds of WoW sites for bits and pieces of information here and there. Or post your questions in WoW forums, putting yourself at the target of sarcastic comments by other players.

This is what I am offering.

More than 18 WoW strategy guides with over 2,500 pages of cutting edge tips!!!

 Leveling - Reach the level cap faster with our step-by-step class-specific leveling guides telling you where to go, what quests to do and how to do them efficiently.

 Builds - Learn about every available builds for each class, their strengths, weaknesses and adopt the right build for your own playstyle.

 Equipment - Discover the right set of gear that will give you an instant stats boost over others at the same level.

 PVP - Master fights against other classes and beat them using what you've learnt from detailed class analysis and recommended strategies for going against them.

 Raiding - Get yourself prepared for the the most challenging encounters in WoW with class-specific tips and tactics to raiding. You will soon be known as a knowledgable raid player who knows how to play your class against specific bosses.

 Macros and addons - From healing macro to raiding addon, they are not only useful but necessary tools. We provide a list of class specific macros and addons that will enhance every player's performance.

 Character creation - Getting off to a good start is the first step to any success. Check out all of our class and racial analysis and find out what you are getting yourself into before you make a decision.

 Skills - Discover the true potential of your class with detailed explanation and recommendations of each class's skills. We tell you what skills to use and how it should be used properly.

 Playing solo - Playing solo requires a different set of strategies, equipment and talent builds. Learn how you can play solo effectively as we tell you how to maximize each class solo ability.

 Playing in groups - Learn about your role in groups and how to effectively function in groups. Regardless of your class, there is always a spot reserved for you when you know what you are doing.

 Class specific quests - Unlock every special abilities, spells, epic mounts and storylines of your class using the complete detailed class specific quest walkthrough.

 Gold making - Make a fortune in World of Warcraft with various strategies that can easily fund your mounts, provide you with great equipment and still leave you with plenty more.

The complete package of WoW strategy guides

With an extensive library of more than 18 strategy guides, it is the most complete reference source of WoW information in the market today. Each class gets a specialized guide with a leveling walkthrough, a full run-down of skills, stat, equipment, and professional tactics and techniques that will turn any character into an elite player. In a matter of days, you will be running the battlegrounds, breezing through raid instances and making insane amounts of wow gold as well.

A list of strategy guides you will get:

Druid Guide: Being one of the most versatile class in WoW, a druid using the right combination of spells and abilities, is capable of dominating every other class. With the step-by-step leveling guide, gear recommendations and killer talent builds any druid can become the most fearsome player on his realm.

Hunter Guide: This 168 page hint book is packed with hunter specific information from the basics of skills, talents and pets to advanced kiting, trapping and shot rotation. You will learn how to master every tactic and move used in solo play as well as become familiar with group combat tactics such as pulling, misdirection and other threat management strategies.

Mage Guide: With 130 pages of information, both new and experienced mage player can enjoy and benefit from this guide. Discover the fastest leveling path to max using a step-by-step walkthrough. Soon, you will be able to make the most of a mage's destructive spells and abilities. Next time you're in a group, you will shine as a valuable member.

Paladin Guide: Whether you are an Alliance or Horde Paladin, the information within this guide will help you excel to the end game. Topics include leveling, gear selection, spell and abilities discussion, talent builds and gold making. You will learn how to effectively solo and fight, tank and heal properly in groups.

Priest Guide: This guide tells you everything you need to know about Priest, taking you from a complete novice to level max elite. Become a valuable member of guilds who is perfect at healing, aggro and crowd management as well as win battles in the Arena. On top of that, others will envy you for the amount of gold you are making.

Rogue Guide: This guide tells you everything you need to know about creating a deadly rogue. You will learn how to take down any opponent with rogue specific combos and sequences of skills and abilities. People will be thankful you're in the group as the expert puller. Impress them even more with your gold making ability.

Shaman Guide: This is a must read for any Shaman player. Whether you play elemental, enhancement or restoration, this guide is a one stop source of information, tips and tricks on topics such as racial selection, stats, abilities, totems, gear, solo and group strategies, macros, addons, talent builds, shaman quests and gold making. Not to mention leveling paths to max for both horde and alliance Shamans.

Warlock Guide: Over 205 pages of Warlock specific intelligence will get you going from your first Warlock day to the day you finish Black Temple. You will learn how to get your char to level cap fast while acquiring the epic mounts, equipment and plenty of gold for your end game gear. At the end, you should be able to single-handedly destroy others using your new-found abilities.

Warrior Guide: The Warrior guide is intended to take you from creating your first warrior all the way to becoming a powerful level max character, regardless of play style. You will gain thorough knowledge of all warrior's skills and talents in order to become your enemies' worst foe and the most reliable melee player in your guild.

Gold Making Guide: Save your efforts looking for the most profitable farming spots. This guide reveals in-game gold making strategies for both low level and end game char, covering everything from easy risk-free gathering route to high-level spawn mobs. As well as provide you with new insights and fresh ideas to finance your flying mount, epic gear and never again run out of gold.

Sample pages

Take a look at our sample pages from the guides below. As you can see, the pages are meant to be user friendly and we try our best to convey the information so that it is easy to understand with the aid of tables, graphics and images.

Are the guides for both Horde and Alliance?

Our authors wrote the guides with both factions in mind. All the guides are written to cover Horde and Alliance. So you can rest assure that all strategies are applicable for any race you play.

Are the guides up to date?

Yes, we usually release updates after major patches and new expansions to keep up with the changes in World of Warcraft.

How do I know when there is an update?

You will receive a notification email when an update is available.

Does it cost me extra for the updates?

No, all future updates are included.
Saw an Alliance leveling guide elsewhere?

We have an updated one included as part of this package. A 198 page Alliance leveling guide with detailed step-by-step walkthrough for any Alliance char to level max fast, without grinding. Quest by quest, the guide directs you through the most efficient path from each different starting area in the game. Whether you are Night Elves, Draenei, Human, Dwarf or Gnome, the guide will tell you exactly where to go, what quests to take, what to do and in what order to complete the quests.

Get this WoW package with the Alliance Guide and more bonus

I can throw in some extra guides as part of this package. You will also receive free access to other guides including:
 Professions Guide - A handy guide to professions for all players. Have this close to you when you are leveling your professions, it will save you half the time and cost to realize profitable gold making opportunities and useful PvP buffs. In no time, you will be making items that sell, enchanting great gear and more.
 PVP Guide - Want to improve your PVP performance? Then this guide is what you are looking for. From Battlegrounds, Arenas to duels with others, this guide prepares you for a successful run by discussing each class strengths and weaknesses. Expect nothing less than insights to the winning formula for each class.
 Guild Management Guide - If you want to lead an army of powerful players, the Guild Management Guide shows you what it takes. A leader of one of the most well-known guilds put his experience into writing and share with you what has to be done to run a successful guild. Follow the guidance and you're one step closer to fame.
Also included in the package is a guide worth $34.99

Order this guide today and you will also receive access to a 207 page guide to raiding in World of Warcraft from Karazhan to Black Temple including Zul'Aman worth $34.99 in retail.
 Raiding Guide - Check this guide out before you run a raid. It walks you through each instance with detailed description of what is ahead of you. You will gain enough knowledge to deal with, instruct and assign others their roles to successfully take down each individual boss. Basically, it is your survival guide to trash mobs, events and bosses.
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