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EVE Online Guides
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What you get:

The Eve Insider Guide: Discover the must-knows of EVE Online to elevate your character to new heights. Packed with cutting-edge strategies ranging from the first day you step into the universe until the day you get to your final ship upgrade, the guide is suitable for both experienced gamers and newbies. With tips and hints ranging from recommended upgrades to making ISK, the guide can help any player master each ship in the shortest amount of time possible.

The ISK Guide: Ever felt uneasy when making decisions on what to spend your preciously hard earned ISK? Fear not, we know just the way to make enough ISK per hour for you to buy everything you want, instead of pondering what you can afford. Our comprehensive step by step walkthroughs to ISK pumping will flood your wallets with 100 million ISK per hour and will ensure that you are the envy of your corp mates.

The PvP Fighter Guide: Hate being the victim or being defenseless against seasoned PvP players? Look no further, it's time to show them who is the boss! 124 effective PvP ship setups, skill training plans and other character building tutorials come with a PvP strategy guide that seeks its equal. Whether you are an offensive or defensive player, alone or in a group, we know just the right tips and tricks to give you an edge over others.

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The complete selection of top notch
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Avoid frequent mistakes most players encounter:

    Losing ISK on unnecessary ship upgrades

    Being clueless about how to complete a mission

    Relying on illegal methods, only to get banned from the game

    Mining hour after hour at locations that give dissatisfying yields

Insider tips you will learn:

    How to be a pro at buying and selling orders

    Know exactly how to use those skill points to train skills

    Master the art of fitting modules on ships to fit your battle strategy

    How to take down your enemies, whether it's PvP or PvE

    Learn the fastest methods to become an ISK-billionaire

Sample pages:

Made to be efficient and easily understandable by everyone.

"Awesome strategies to clarify plans for all careers and all types of trades"

-about the EVE Online University Guide


I am new/experienced in Eve Online, is this guide suitable for me?
Yes, our authors keep in mind, that all readers have different exposure to the game. Therefore, they write in a style that players from all corners will find to be useful.

Are the guides up to date? Yes, we will release updates following the latest major patches and expansions.

How do I keep track of the guides? As soon as your payment is received, you can login and download your guide. If a newly released update is out, you will be notified by email.

Does it cost to receive an update? No, not at all! It's for free.

Will I get banned? No, this guide is free from bots, hacks and other immoral acts that could endanger your account.

NOT YET, the offer does not end here.

We always release updates after major expansions and patches to the guides to stay up to date and it's TOTALLY FREE of charge! As a service to you, we announce UPCOMING GUIDES to be on the lookout for, which is also FREE of CHARGE!

The Mining Guide: So you went on numerous mining treks, were killed and received less than satisfactory results? Its about time to maximize your mining cultivation. 2X or 3X the output is possible, all you need to do is look here for strategies to mine ores at 100% efficiency and stay safe.

Amazed at how some players seems to put little effort into mining and yet make heaps of return from each run? If you want to be one of them, then you should not go without the mining strategies featured in this guide. Find out exactly what, where and how to mine for the best returns with useful recommendations for mining in low security area. What more, discover the best gear to equip your ship with when it comes to mining and find out how to gain more returns with absolutely no prepaid expense.

The Ship Guide: Learn everything there is to know about ships on EVE online. All the best setups for all ships and purposes. Discover which ships to avoid or how to take them out. Included is an in-depth analysis of all ships, and their advantages or disadvantages.

What is EVE Online without ships? Quite obviously, the entire game revolves around ships and deep space. Thus, knowing your ships all the way to the smallest details can be your deadliest weapon. This knowledge-packed ships guide offers rich know-how for each and every available ship including a full analysis on how to bring out the best from each. In addition, the guide provides a full list of all the NPC ships to be on the watch for and tips to take them down.

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